Ljubljana GovJam 2017
Rethinking public services through design thinking

17th&18th of May, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
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About The Jam

How might we change the experience of public services?
How might we design public services in a way, that they are nicer for people – both employees and the users?
How might we make them more accessible and user-friendly?

Why come?

  • experience hands on work and improve your team work skills
  • meet interesting new people and share opinions, experiences and ideas with them
  • spend a creative and fun day while improving the world around you

What is a Jam?


You know how musicians come together, each one with a different instrument and jam on a predefined theme? Basically, GovJam is the same. A group of people from different backgrounds, each equipped with their special knowledge, ‘jam’ and co-create new services. At a GovJam we focus on public services and how we could improve them. We are going to spend the weekend together understanding challenges, conducting design research, brainstorming and co-creating different solutions, prototyping and testing with real users, presenting ideas and building business models. Sounds a lot? Don’t worry, we will go step by step and out experienced mentors will make sure you’ll get through as well.

How it works?

  • you will discover and try to understand problems around a common Global Theme, other Jams are working on also
  • apply design thinking methods to solve those problems
  • co-create working prototypes of future public services

Ljubljana GovJam is an international workshop that is part of the Global GovJam. Every year there are more than 50 local jams all over the world. We decided that we want to keep the international feeling and give everyone an opportunity to participate, so we communicate and facilitate the event in english.
Global GovJam Website
Global GovJam Facebook

Join us for a two day creative problem solving workshop and co-design working prototypes of future public services!

Who we are?

Ljubljana GovJam is organized by a team of experienced volunteers that have been organising jams since 2012. We all share a passion for user centered design and love to co-create awesome projects. Our backgrounds include graphic design, service design, UX, multimedia, social sciences, economics and textile engineering.

Ana Osredkar

Ana Osredkar

Jam Guru
Ana Kyra Bekš

Ana Kyra Bekš

The Boss
Amedea Derenda Mujezinović

Amedea Derenda Mujezinović

Right Hand
Nina Jesenšek

Nina Jesenšek

Web magician
Aleš Ogorevc

Aleš Ogorevc

Social Ninja
Maja Majcen

Maja Majcen

Communication Queen
Adisa Dizdarević

Adisa Dizdarević

Chief of Efficiency
Tadej Abram

Tadej Abram

Video King
Daniel Gerbec

Daniel Gerbec

Chief of Graphics
Eva Prosen

Eva Prosen

Visual Communications Knight

Still not convinced?

Some Jam “facts”

  • People from all over the world are joining the Jam. See what they’re saying and follow the Jam on Twitter (@GGovJam and#GGovJam) and on Facebook.
  • Everyone can join, no prior knowledge of design needed
  • Doing, not talking! is how we work
  • We provide all the tools you will need
  • We build on each others ideas in a spirit of empathy and co-operation
  • We learn and have fun while doing it.
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And finally, for all those still in doubt:

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Supported by:
Kino Šiška
Ministry of Public Administration